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Chorus-II is a R8051 based MCU featured mainly with 25MHz operating CPU core, hardwired
ADPCM voice decoder with multi-channel decoding, 64KByte e-Flash memory and USB1.1 Device.

RISC 8051 core Max. 25MHz
Hardwired ADPCM Voice Codec
Multi-channel Voice Decoder(Max. 3ch)
64KB e-Flash ROM, 6KB SRAM
Dual DMA based SPI
SLC NAND Flash/Serial Flash(~1Gb)
6-ch 10bit ADC, 12bit DAC
2-ch UARTs, USB1.1 Device

No Subject Category Date Link
13 Chorus-II User`s Manual Rev1.0 Document 2012-11-09
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11 Chorus-II,-III USB bulk driver for win8 64bit Application 2012-12-24
10 Chorus-II USB Driver Application 2012-11-09
9 PowerStudio User`s Guide v2.1 Dev.Tool 2012-11-06
8 PowerStudio v2.6 Installer.exe Dev.Tool 2012-11-06
7 Spice-II User`s Manual Dev.Tool 2012-11-06
6 PowerWriter-II User`s Manual Dev.Tool 2012-11-06
5 PowerWriter-II Firmware Dev.Tool 2012-11-06
4 PowerWriter-II PC Manager Dev.Tool 2012-11-06
3 PowerWriter-II USB Driver Dev.Tool 2012-11-06
2 Chorus-II EVB Applicaion Note Dev.Tool 2012-11-09
1 Chorus-II EVB Circuit v1.5 Dev.Tool 2012-11-09

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